Man accused in odd stalking case outside Target store in Saginaw County

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (8/8/2018) - Police have arrested an alleged stalker who has been placing items under women's cars and then watching them as they get out to see what they've run over.

Kurt Fulton

Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel said stalking incidents like this have been happening recently in shopping center parking lots.

"It's very disturbing," he said. "It creeps people out and it creeps me out."

The most recent incident happened on Sunday in the parking lot of the Target store in Kochville Township. That incident led to the arrest of 43-year-old Kurt Fulton of Saginaw County on Tuesday.

Fulton was arraigned Thursday on one count of aggravated stalking. He remained in jail after arraignment.

Investigators believe Fulton watched women get out of their cars in parking lots to head into stores. While they were in the store, he placed an object under the women's vehicles so it made a noise when they left.

"Then she will have to get out and will have to bend over to see what it is," Federspiel said.

Objects have included a McDonald's apple pie and VHS tapes, he said.

"He would put different things under the tires of his victims' cars because he liked the way it sounded when it got squished," Federspiel said.

So far, police have received reports of Fulton just watching the women -- even using binoculars as the women inspect what they ran over. Fulton, who was arrested for the same crime in 2007, is not accused of approaching or touching any of the women.

Jail and court records indicate Fulton was convicted of aggravated stalking 10 years ago, got five years probation, but violated probation and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

As part of his sentence, he was to be placed on the state's Sex Offender Registry, but the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned it, so Fulton was never on the registry.

It's not clear how many incidents like this have happened in these most recent bizarre events.

"If anyone has an instance where this may have happened to them, we would like to hear from them," Federspiel said.