Crews knockdown Flint's former YWCA building

Published: Sep. 16, 2018 at 12:14 AM EDT
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(9/16/2018) - The Flint skyline is looking little different Saturday night.

Demolition crews are seen knocking down the former YWCA building to make room for a new project.

Once the spot is clear, work will begin on a multi-million dollar housing project to take its place in downtown Flint.

Crews are hauling off the remains of the former YWCA building.

The former Flint landmark stood tall for the last six decades as a fixture of the Vehicle City skyline.

It stood for more like advocating on eliminating racism and empowering women many who are survivors of domestic abuse or sexual assault.

“It's been pretty fascinating to see it get tore down and people get paid to do that, and I think that's pretty cool,” Edward Chapple said.

Chapple has been living across the street from the former YWCA building for years.

He says it wasn't an eyesore, but he's looking forward to what's in store for the soon to be the empty lot.

"They just ripped the tree up out there like it was a toothpick. That was pretty cool,” he said.

Early plans for the building show that the new multi-million dollar residential-commercial project will provide 92 units.

A portion of the proposed Marketplace building will serve as affordable housing.

“I think that would improve the neighborhood because with this being the area that it is there are a lot of transients that go through here,” Chapple said.

The marketplace would include a range of one, two and three bedroom units.

"It could use an improvement the area could I think so,” he said.

Demolition crews are hoping to have the spot cleared sometime this fall.

No, word yet when we'll start to see construction on the property.

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