Crim Fitness Foundation initiative helps people stay healthy during the holidays

Published: Dec. 18, 2018 at 4:15 PM EST
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(12/18/2018) - Staying healthy this holiday season is possible with a little determination and the right mindset.

The Crim Fitness Foundation's Healthy Holidays initiative is there to help.

"The holidays are so much fun. They're a total break from our routine, which is great," said Crim Race Director Andy Younger. "But it can also be kind of stressful. You see people you don't normally see. You have a lot more activities. You might even have some down time."

That down time can bring some trouble, such as poor eating habits, slacking off on exercising or skipping some normal activities. Making a plan to combat those is a good start.

"Schedule a run with a friend or a walk," Younger said. "Actually getting everyone in on the action, that's part of it too. You can really set goals that are achievable."

While winter is a challenging time to stay active, that's when Younger said it's especially important to stay challenged and accountable. One option is hashtagging #healthyholidays and #Crim on social media.

"Photos of you being active, maybe recipes or favorite foods that you have that are healthy," Younger said.

Anyone who tags themselves being healthy during the holidays will be entered in a drawing for a free race registration for the 2019 Crim Festival Of Races.

Besides physical health, Younger said mental health is equally important.

"Just remain present in the moment and don't stress," said Canisha Norris, the mindfulness educator for the Crim foundation. "It's so easy to forget what the holidays season is for and stress out about things."

Part of remaining in the present includes focusing on breathing.

"Your breath you can take anywhere with you, so just be intentional about your deep breathing," Norris said. "Could be in a car, could be in line at a grocery store and take those deep breaths. You'll feel yourself calm down."