Crim runners get ready to hit the bricks

Published: Aug. 20, 2018 at 10:45 AM EDT
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(8/20/2018) - The cars have all been driven off the street, and it's time for runners to hit the bricks.

The Crim Festival of Races takes place bright and early Saturday morning.

"When you come downtown, you're surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who all are working towards the same goal," said Crim Fitness Foundation Director Andy Younger.

The goal is finishing the Crim. Whether it be the 5K, the new 5 mile, or the 10 mile, runners and walkers are excited to be on the bricks in Flint.

"Most of the people who run or walk in this area, do so because they wanted to do the Crim or because they inspired by someone who has done the Crim," Younger said.

In its 42nd year, coordinators are pulling out all the stops when it comes to this year's medals.

"We've been working with some great artists, some great medal craftsman to come up with this year's medal. It's absolutely beautiful," Younger said. "It really catches the spirit of the Crim and Flint and everything that the race is all about."

As many runners know, you may show up by yourself, but you're not crossing the finish line without having made a friend along the way.

"A lot of times, what happens is you may get passed and then you pass and get passed like four or five times by the same person. After awhile, you're like, well let's just start a conversation here," Younger said. "You really feel like you've become friends with everyone along the course. All the people out to support you, because you're getting cheered the entire way."

Registration for this year's races continues until midnight Tuesday. See "Related Links" on the right side of this story for more information.