Crim runners hit the course two weeks early in preparation for the big race

Published: Aug. 11, 2019 at 4:03 PM EDT
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(08/11/2019) - Next time they run or walk this course it will be for real.

Racers laced up their shoes Sunday morning to see if they are ready for the HAP Crim Festival of Races.

"So that is a woe factor for a lot of us when we see that blue line we know that it's close to Crim time and being able to come out here and see that blue line painted,” said Hoeffel. “And to run along it and knowing that you can run that pace that you achieved for the whole season is very encouragable knowing that you can do it a couple weeks prior to the race itself."

Robin Hoeffel is preparing for her 10th Crim race.

And this year she plays an important role as the 10-minute pacer.

"It's not so much pressure, I always look at the Crim as a fun race and enjoying people around me," said Hoeffel.

Fellow racer Melissa Skaggs of Fenton values the ability to get out on the 10-mile course two weeks away from the race.

"Super valuable,” said Skaggs. “I think it makes me a lot more confident for the actual race practice your nutrition, what you're going to wear and it's just fun to be out there with all your training friends."

Each year, it’s the people cheering from the sideline that makes it worth it for the two runners.

"It brings everyone in the Flint community together there are so many spectators out,” said Skaggs. “You see probably more people you know out and about that day than any other time of the year. It's probably my favorite day of the year."

"It was one of my very first races and every time I do it when you finish the people around you, the whole community is so inspiring for so many people for so many reasons and they've worked so hard for the Crim," said Hoeffel.

The blue race line will be painted Monday night indicating the course throughout the city.

If you are interested in running one of the races or volunteering to help with the HAP Crim Festival of Racers visit the link attached to this page.