Crochet creations for front line workers

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 10:50 AM EDT
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(4/15/2020) - It can be a slight annoyance to wear a mask to the grocery store or pharmacy, but for those on the frontline they are wearing uncomfortable masks for hours on end.

One Flushing woman is doing all she can to make wearing those masks at least a little easier.

"It's kind of a stress reliever for me actually," said Mackenzie Poyer.

Poyer's long-time hobby of crocheting is now helping others.

"I did hear about a lot of people having issues with their ears hurting, people with latex issues causing blistering and cutting on the backs of their ears," said Poyer. "So, I can't sew to make masks but maybe I can do something else to help."

That's what sparked this crocheted creation. It's easy to use to with a small strap with two buttons on each end.

Wearers have to loop one elastic band onto a button, secure their mask and pull it around to secure the other band on the second button.

"They're also machine washable and reusable," said Poyer.

It only takes her about five to 10 minutes to make one and she already has dozens made ready to help bring comfort to anyone wearing a mask.

"The people on the front line are wearing masks 12+ hours a day. A lot of them are working very long hours," said Poyer. "So having that extra comfort that they don't have to worry about their ears hurting or having to readjust and touching their face-- anything to help with that."

Anyone interested can find her and more information on the Everyday Crochet page on Facebook.