Crowdfunding campaign announced for 'green space' at Durand Union Station

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DURAND (WJRT) (07/23/19) -- A crowdfunding campaign has been announced for a green space at the Durand Union Station, according to organization officials and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

"It's going to give people coming into the building a clear view of the building. Right now, it's so tall and overgrown that you can't even see the building when you turn the corner to come into the area," said Executive Director Mary Warner-Stone.

The changes are all part of the Durand Union Station's Strategic plan. The space would entail picnic tables and an open field near the entrance. But like most things, that costs money.

"We're looking to raise $25,000 dollars and the MEDC will match it dollar for dollar, so we'll have $50,000 dollars at the end to do the work."

Those donations will be solicited online.

"It's just an area that is underutilized right now and it'll be more more available and user friendly for visitors coming in."

Warner-Stone says the community has helped with a number of fundraisers before for the building and is hopeful it will happen again.

"It's been a lot of moving forward, and that's what our board of directors is all about, it's what the organization is all about, it's preserving this building for the community."

The organization hopes to have the $25,000 dollars raised by this coming September. Groundwork would then begin next spring.

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