Restless, optimistic crowds at the 58th Presidential Inauguration

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Folks from all over in our nation’s capital for the big day. They crowded near the west front of the capitol building.

Mackenzie and Alex Harris from Ruston, LA say President Trump's speech was one of optimism and unity.

Supporters for miles around. Some were out since the wee hours of the morning, to see one man, become the next President of the United States.

Through the cold and the rain, most said it did not matter. Some chanted a phrase heard during the campaign, "Lock her up!" when Secretary Hillary Clinton's face appeared on the screen.

These folks had the golden ticket to see their new president take the oath of office. North Carolina resident Doug Sherrill says Trump is going to bring real change.

"I think he supports veterans," said Sherrill. "I think he’s honest. I think the news has portrayed him somewhat dishonest, but I think he’s an honest man."

Folks traveled from all over to catch a glimpse of the festivities. The ones we spoke to supported Trump during the campaign, and say they were proud hearing his speech.

"(It was a) message of optimism, just looking to the brighter future of the country...brighter days are ahead of us," said Alex Harris, a high school student from Ruston, Louisiana.

He skipped school to be at the inauguration. Carol Schilling traveled from La Crosse, Wisconsin. She says President Trump hit the perfect tone for his base.

"Make America Safe. Secure the borders. Bring jobs back. That’s most important," said Schilling.

And now the supporters say they just hope he can deliver.

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