State Police: Customer shot in Flint liquor store after attacking security guard

Published: May. 17, 2020 at 10:34 PM EDT
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(5/18/20) - For the second time in a month, violence breaks out in a Flint store over complying with the governor's orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Friday, Flint police responded to a shooting at Carpenter Road Liquor after they say the security guard and a man got into a fight over the number of customers being allowed into the store.

"It would appear that this argument stemmed from the store complying with the Governor's order in basing the number of people allowed in their store based on the square footage of the store. This patron wasn't satisfied with that and then an argument started," said MSP Lt. James Lang.

Police say the man hit the security guard multiple times, that's when the guard pulled out his weapon. The guard fired one shot and police say it ricocheted off the ground hitting the man in the ankle.

"There was a physical altercation between the patron and the security guard and it got to the point where the security guard pulled his weapon and the weapon discharged,” said MSP Lt. James Lang.

Lt .Lang says the shooting does remain under investigation. Investigators are looking to see if they can piece together everything leading up to that moment.

This shooting comes 14 days after a Flint security guard was shot at Family Dollar in Flint. Calvin Munerlyn was shot and killed after an argument with a customer for not wearing a mask. Friday's altercation is believed to be the second dispute over COVID-19 procedures.

"When these crimes occur we are going to investigate them fully and ensure justice is served. These are trying times and you know we are in an area that we've never experienced this type before. So I think people when they're faced with the unknown it kind of ramps things up a little bit but rest assured we are going to get through this,” said MSP Lt. James Lang.

The customer was taken to the hospital after being shot in the ankle and is in good condition. The investigation is still ongoing.