DEQ: Flint's water quality restored to acceptable, comparable levels

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FLINT (WJRT) (1/12/2018) - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is declaring Flint's water quality as acceptable following the water emergency.

The department says 90 percent of Tier 1 samples are showing lead at 6 parts per billion. That's less than half the federal action level of 15.

The DEQ says levels have tested the same or better that many cities across the state and country.

Talks are still ongoing between the state and Flint Community Schools to test the water in school buildings.

More than 6,000 lead pipes have been replaced in the city over the past year, which is designed to keep lead from leeching off the insides and entering the water supply.

The water emergency began two years ago, after the city switched to pumping drinking water from Flint River and it was determined that water wasn't properly treated.

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