Dow Chemical and DuPont finalize merger

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (09/01/2017) - It was seven years in the making, but Friday, Dow Chemical officially merged with DuPont.

The new company is called DowDuPont.

The company's executive chairman is Andrew Liveris, who says while the merger made many nervous at first, the Great Lakes Bay Region will benefit.

Watch the video to see Terry Camp's interview with Liveris.

(08/31/17) When the stock market closes Thursday Dow Chemical will officially finalize its multi-billion dollar merger with DuPont.

It comes nearly two years after first announcing their plans.

Both companies will combine and be known as DowDuPont.

While the merger is a milestone, more changes are on the horizon.

In about 18 months, plans call for creating three independent spin-off companies.

Dow Chemical, based in Midland, employs about 56,000 people.

After the merger, the company will have dual headquarters in Midland and Delaware.

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