DTE Energy suspends non-critical & maintenance work due to coronavirus

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DETROIT (WJRT) - (3/23/20) - DTE Energy said it was putting non-critical infrastructure and maintenance work on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The utility made the announcement Monday morning.

It said the change would keep employees home in instances other than emergency responses to customers.

DTE said the goal was to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect workers and the community.

The utility said most customers would not notice the suspension of work.

The company planned to watch the developing pandemic and make adjustments as it continued to staff core operations.

According to the DTE, non-critical work including main renewal, infrastructure construction, and home energy consultations.

It said workers would continue to provide power outage restoration, gas leak, and downed powerline response.

DTE said customer service specialists would work remotely from home to continue to respond to customer calls.

Due to the pandemic, the company announced it had suspended shutoffs for non-payment for customers who were low-income eligible through April 5, 2020.

It said the timing could be extended depending on how the virus impacted Michigan communities.

DTE also said customers enrolled in the Senior Winter Protection Program would see their end dates automatically extended through May 3, 2020 without additional actions required on their part.

The company said customers impacted by COVID-19, those with a sudden loss of income or medical condition, and vulnerable senior citizens should contact it at 1-800-477-4747 to determine eligibility for our payment assistance programs.

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