'Danger to society': Saginaw County man racks up 13th drunken driving arrest

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (6/26/2019) - A baker's dozen.

Michael Hare was arrested for drunken driving 13 times, the most recent of which happened when two drivers boxed him in over the weekend.

That's the number of times a Saginaw County man has been arrested for drunk driving. His latest arrest came last Saturday.

Two nearby drivers on I-75 in Bay County may have prevented a tragedy when they boxed in 62-year-old Michael Donald Hare around 8 p.m. before police arrived to arrest the man.

"This guy almost hit the cones going into the construction zone and there was a worker pulling back the cones. It was just a harrowing situation," said Adam Schafer, who blocked Hare.

Schafer and others called 911 and they were able to stop Hare's green Ford Explorer so it came to a stop and police arrived soon after. He and the other driver felt they had to stop Hare.

"He was going to kill somebody, there was no doubt about it," Schafer said.

The police report states Hare refused a portable breathylzyer test, but when he got to the jail, he blew a 0.21 blood alcohol content -- above the super drunk range.

"He's a danger to society," said Michigan State Police Lt. Brian McComb.

Michigan Department of Corrections records indicate Hare, who lives in the Birch Run area, spent more than two years in prison for his 12th drunk driving offense and went off parole a year ago.

Hare is not allowed to purchase a vehicle due to his repeated drunken driving convictions, McComb said. But he pointed out some people find a way around that law.

These individuals will go out and buy a vehicle from a private person but they don't register it or get insurance on it, so they put a bad plate on it," McComb said.

The Bay County sheriff deputy's report states the license plate Hare had on the Explorer belonged to a different vehicle and the Explorer's vehicle identification number came back to a Munger man who supposedly junked the SUV in 2017.

Hare did not have a valid driver's license. He remains in jail on a $150,000 cash or surety bond.