Dangerous Lapeer intersection to see traffic signal installation

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 12:22 PM EDT
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After years of discussion, a traffic signal is now going in at the intersection of Lapeer and Turrill roads.

According to MDOT, over the past few years over a dozen accidents have happened here, many serious and some even fatal.

With access to the highway just feet from the Lapeer rd (M-24) and Turrill road intersection, it's one of the most traveled areas in Lapeer-- and it's also one of the most dangerous.

"We saw an excessive delay, mainly on westbound Turrill road and not enough gaps on 24 for those vehicles to get out. We also had about 16 correctable crashes during that time frame," said MDOT engineer, Keith Brown.

Crashes that MDOT says usually involved a car turning from Turrill road onto M-24.

After a long term road study showed these crash rates could be lowered, the Lapeer County Road Commission and MDOT took action.

"The intersection did get wider," said Brown. "We had a crash a few years ago and we ended up putting in a right turn offset lane on northbound to get that right turning traffic off the intersection so people could see."

Now, the next step is a light signal.

"When we go to start the signal we will put it on flash. You'll see yellow on 24, and red on Turrill for about a week, then we'll flip the signal on and start it actually working," said Brown.

The installation will begin next week and finish up in November.