Dangerous flooding seen in parts of Mid-Michigan

Published: Jun. 23, 2017 at 8:41 AM EDT
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(06/23/17) - Parts of Mid-Michigan are seeing dangerous flooding. The torrential rains overnight left well over six inches of water in some areas.

Isabella, Midland, and Bay counties are hit hard.

Midland County Emergency Management is warning the community about flooded streets. It says some sinkholes have formed, leaving roads washed away under the standing water.

Midland is also dealing with sewer overflows all over the city. If you have water in your basement, the city says you should not try to pump the water out. Instead, let it go down on its own. Keep the pressure equal between the ground and the basement to avoid caving or floor movement, and stay out of the water. If you do touch the water, be sure to wash your hands - there is likely sewage in it.

Drying out the flooded area is key to prevent mold. Professionals use commercial grade fans. The heat can be turned up to a high setting, along with opening the windows to dry out a flooded area, as well as using a dehumidifier if you have one.

Washing and disinfecting comes next. A diluted bleach solution works well. Wearing a mask will help prevent inhaling any mold spores.

More than seven inches of rain in the Mt. Pleasant area was enough to wash out roads and make it very difficult to get around the county. A large section of Blanchard Road, near Crawford Road, south of Mt. Pleasant is just gone, washed away by the water flowing through the drainage ditch below it.

Barricades were put up on both sides of the road to prevent cars and trucks from falling into the hole. There were other problems in the county as well, from cars having to be towed from the high water, to a partial road collapse on Summerton Road southeast of Mt. Pleasant.

Both Consumers Energy and DTE were reporting scattered power outages.

Some additional things for all flood zone victims to remember: Customers with flooded homes who have NOT been disconnected from utilities should call Consumers Energy at the 1-800 number listed on your screen.

Ask for a "storm disconnect" until the waters subside.

Also, emergency crews are asking that you do NOT call 911 unless you're experiencing a medical or structural emergency. They are getting tons of calls and will not be able to respond to standard flooded basement concerns.

Storm sewer backups happening in Midland will need to be reported MONDAY, not through Central Dispatch.

You can call 989-837-3500 to report a problem.

If you need details on shelters in your community, you should be able to call 211 for resources.