Davison Community Schools latchkey student reports stranger inside a building

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DAVISON (WJRT) (11/08/2017) - UPDATE: A follow up letter from Davison Community Schools says the person identified as a stranger was actually a school employee who works at a different building.

Administrators credited the student for doing the right thing.

A latchkey student at Hill Elementary School in Davison reported being followed by a stranger through a hallway.

An undated letter distributed to parents says the female student was walking to a restroom near the main office when a tall, thin and bald man began following her. The student entered the bathroom, then heard a knock at the door.

She did not respond and remained inside a restroom stall until she heard footsteps walking away. The man never made contact with the student.

The student peeked out the restroom door to make sure the man was gone before returning to the after school latchkey room, where she reported the incident to the latchkey caregivers.

The Davison City Police Department immediately responded to the school and made a report about the incident. An investigation was still under way on Wednesday.

The letter does not indicate when the alleged incident took place.

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