Davison Sprint store holds give back day for the community

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DAVISON (WJRT) - One local store is saying thanks to the community.
The Sprint Store in Davison held their annual summer bash and invited the community out Sunday for the family-friendly fun.

"It's just some way to give back to the community for us,” said Chris Collins, the store manager of Sprint of Davison. “The community is awesome to us throughout the year so we try to do something."

Collins says they try to do something every month. But once a year they host their big blow out.

(Collins) -- "It just means everything, to see everyone come together, all different types of businesses, different clientele coming in, coming together and working towards one general purpose is just amazing,” said Collins. “And so far the turnout has been awesome."

And this year's blow out in the parking lot of the S. State Rd locations gave people what they wanted -- wrestling and a hot dog eating contest.

Michigan Wrestling Organization was there to entertain the fans.
And Smokin' Aces BBQ was there to keep their hunger in check.

"We're out here today to donate the hot dog eating contest, serving food to these people,” said Brandon Gifford, owner of Smokin’ Aces BBQ. “It's a free, family-friendly event –backpacks for kids in needs, wrestling, live bands. I mean it's just all-around a family fun event."

To enter the hot dog eating contest it cost just a donation - either of money, canned food, water or pet supplies.

All proceeds went towards Concept Hope and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Sprint also had over 60 backpacks to give away as well as prizes for kids’ games to give away.

And Collins says they are already planning a way to go bigger next year.

"Next year we're hoping to have a car show along with some other things,” said Collins. “We don't want to do the same event every year. So there will probably be some of the same stuff."

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