Crossing guard pleads for drivers to slow down after two co-workers get hit in two days

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DAVISON (WJRT) - (09/13/2018) - Two Davison school crossing guards were hit while crossing students at intersections in just the past two days.

While both are going to be fine, Davison Community Schools is pleading with drivers to be extra careful when driving in school zones.

One of the crossing guards, Candace Lacrosse, said she was bumped in her back while helping students cross the intersection of Clark and Main streets early Thursday morning.

She's doing OK, but is a little sore. She says drivers need to pay more attention, especially high school drivers.

Another Davison crossing guard said the job can be downright dangerous.

The sign outside Central Elementary in Davison reads, "Where kids come first," but crossing guard Amy Tranchida said drivers are doing everything but these days.

"Everybody is always in a hurry," she said. "They're not watching for the crossing guards."

Tranchida, who was hired by the Davison Police Department, said being a crossing guard is not for the faint of heart.

"I started the job in November of 2011," she said. "I was hit by a car. I was out of work for a week."

Davison Community Schools posted a letter on their Facebook page Thursday night, warning parents about the two incidents in which the crossing guards were struck by vehicles.

The other incident involved a crossing guard at M-15 and Clark Street on Wednesday afternoon. The post says the accident, like the one with Lacrosse, took place in front of children. and the driver left the scene.

"That could have just as easily been my daughter. Mr. Mike was walking across the street," said Davison mom Carrie Dudek. "So I'm very concerned about it."

Dudek's daughter walks to the middle school behind Central Elementary School every day. Her message to drivers?

"Be mindful of the signs that are there, for everyone's protection," she said.

Police are investigating both incidents and will be actively patrolling these areas.

Davison schools are asking drivers to be extra careful in school zones, warning that this will become even more important as the sunrise gets later in the morning.

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