Fenton students celebrate International Day of Happiness

FENTON (WJRT) - (03/20/17) - Students at Tomek-Eastern Elementary are hoping they can make an impact with their words.

"Making everybody happy, not just frowning would be a nice change," said second grade student Jackson Defina.

In celebration of International Day of Happiness, Tomek Eastern Elementary School students are spreading positivity.

"Classmates are decorating emojis," said teacher Beth-Ann Mavis. "They're writing positive messages to their friends, the staff here at Tomek, our principal, the kitchen staff, whoever they want."

As part of the happiness movement, students as young as kindergarten are seeing the power of positivity.

"It made me feel happy, sometimes you just have to give happy things," said student Madison Hammill.

In its first year at the school, students already see it as a success.

"Other schools should do it because that could make the whole entire world feel more happy," Jackson said.

With hundreds of emojis made throughout the school, teachers say each student is truly understanding just how powerful their words can be.

"Whether you're seven or eight in second grade, or you're here and working, you can always spread and make a difference," Mavis said. "Whatever you do, it can carry out and keep carrying on."

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