Debate over fate of guns in schools heating up at Saginaw Township School Board Meeting

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SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WJRT) - (02/26/2018) - :Saginaw Township residents wearing to 'Moms demand Action' tee-shirts approached the school board asking them to sign a resolution that would keep the schools a gun free zone.

"The bottom line is we didn't want guns in schools," said Joan McCoy, "we don't want guns in libraries, in bars, or churches."

McCoy, wearing her bright red 'Moms demand Action' tee shirt wants the school board to sign off on a resolution stating the only people that should have guns on school property should be uniformed Public Safety officers.

The resolution, if signed ,would also have the school board on record stating its opposition to recent measures passed by the Michgan State Senate that would loosen restrictions on concealed weapons in no carry zones such as schools.

But grandmother Sheri Defore-Crozier doesn't think keeping guns out of schools is the way to go when it comes to keeping kids safe.

She supports letting teachers and others arm themselves:

"Not just teachers, principals, anybody who works at schools, let them be armed. Let them be the first-responders for our kids.
I don't like worrying about my grandson in school. I don't like worrying about anybody's kids in school," she said.

Superintendent Doug Trombly says the school board isn't in the business of signing off on resolutions

When asked how he feels about loosening restrictions to allow concealed firearms on campus he said the following:

"I'm very hesitant to allow guns in schools because they're of the unknown. There would have to be a lot more secure ways to go about it. And currently, our most secure way to do that is to have uniformed officers in school."

But if the Senate measures clear the House and are signed into law the boards hands will be tied.

Next month the school district plans to offer a "mandatory safety and security of our students" symposium on March 13th.

The event will be open to everyone in the school district to attend.

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