Debating a long-term water contract for Flint

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Flint (WJRT) - We could know soon if a federal judge will require the city of Flint to sign a long term contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority. Judge David Lawson wants the Flint City Council, the Michigan DEQ and the EPA to hammer out an agreement.

Monday morning the Flint city council bickered and argued about if signing a 30-year contract with GLWA was the right thing to do. They've been talking about this for months and say they still need more time.

"The new council members deserve to meet somebody from GLWA. They deserve to meet someone from the governor and the legislative branch and they deserve this," said council member Eric Mays.

The city council met again in executive session to discuss the water contract. The meeting behind closed doors only lasted about 45 minutes before they came out for a public session.

They decided they will ask Judge Lawson to wait for a council decision on Monday, November 27. Council members clashed right up to the time they had to leave for the hearing in Detroit.

Council vice president Monica Galloway says the DEQ, which is suing the city council to sign a 30-year contract with GLWA, is like a rapist.

"What has happened to this community is like rape. We have been victimized. It seems like the very person who has victimized us has more authority that we do and that's scary when you think about the concept. so I used it as an analogy so people can understand. You can relate to that," said Galloway.

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