Delivery drivers and retailers slammed just days before Christmas

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GRAND BLANC, Michigan (WJRT) - (12/22/2017) - "They don't know what's going on behind the scenes, there's a lot of stuff at the warehouse that we do to get prepared for all these deliveries," said Kyle Smith with Vogt's Flowers.

With only three days shopping days before Christmas, local delivery drivers and retailers are pressed into action.

ABC 12 caught up with some of the folks who make the holiday magic happen.

"Yeah you definitely get your miles in that's for sure," said Kyle Smith,
"I don't have to go to the gym after work."

Smith is not used to being on camera, or doing deliveries.

But with 280 drops, he was pulled from the warehouse and pressed into action on Friday.

We caught up with him on about his 9th stop.

"What are you dropping off here," we asked.

'It's a clear cube flower arrangement," he said.

The first door he knocked at, no one answered.

The second door he approached, someone signed for the flowers but their intended recipient was taking a nap.

His luck turned at with the third door he knocked on.

"Oh thank you so much," exclaimed Donna Hedrick.

"I appreciate everything they all do including you delivering this beautiful thing," she added.

We asked Smith how her response made him feel.

"Just an awesome experience to see somebody happy," Smith said.

Hedrick even gave Kyle a gift card as her way of saying thank you

"I almost feel sorry for the UPS and the mail people while we're eating and drinking and having fun," she said.

After following Kyle around we decided to stop into a gourmet specialty market to see how the staff are holding up and to find out what the big sellers are.

Marilyn Canan, one of the owners of Oliver T's, says they've sold upwards of at least 3-thousand gift baskets in December alone.

Liquor and baked goods are also big sellers during the holidays.

Friday night they were slammed.

"I was looking for Christmas cookies," said Barb Leitgeb, "I found some beer to go with it."

Cheryl Wolfe was looking for last minute stocking stuffers.

While Canan is thankful for another shopping weekend before the big day, she admits the work can be demanding.

"It can be stressful," Canan admitted, "but everything has gone smoothly, customers have been wonderful."

With two more days to go, she's counting on that feeling of good will to continue.

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