Democrats in Michigan seek to flip state House in 2018

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) (7/6/2018) - As the midterms draw national attention to Michigan, people are wondering if the battleground state that helped elect President Donald Trump two years ago will continue its Republican-trifecta streak.

Michigan's state government has been single-party since 2011, with Republicans controlling the governor's seat, state Senate and state House.

Democrats hope 2018 will be the year they flip the 63-47 GOP majority in the state House and pierce the state Senate's 27-11 supermajority.

Their reasons for optimism include the political trend of the minority party enjoying a bump in midterm years and a number of term-limited Republicans leaving office.

But the GOP is touting eight years of a largely positive economic bounce-back since the Great Recession.

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