Deputies get Meals on Wheels back on the road

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (02/08/19) - The extreme cold and ice have kept many kids home from school in the last couple of weeks. It's also slowed down a program another generation relies on.

But two Saginaw County Sheriff's Office reserve deputies helped get Meals on Wheels back on the road.

"Last week we missed four days of delivering meals, and then we missed last two days and it's cold out," said Vera Haller, an administrative assistant supervisor with the Saginaw County Commission on Aging.

Haller said a few Meals on Wheels drivers couldn't complete their routes Friday, so she called the sheriff's office after getting the idea from Clare County.

"These folks can't get out, they can't get food and I mean, we have a four-wheel drive vehicle, we're out in the stuff all the time," explained Reserve Deputy Tom Knaub.

Their first stop was at Ludmond Kemp's Saginaw home. "This do make it a lot easier, like my mother she's 92, barely getting around and stuff, so it's really appreciated," he said.

The deputies delivered two ready-to-eat meals, and a third that can be eaten later.

But when the sheriff's office SUV pulled up instead of the normal delivery vehicle, Kemp and the other seniors, had to do a double take.

"I said, 'wait a minute, I can't drive that fast, I can't run that fast, so what they looking for'," Kemp joked.

"When they see the sheriff's deputies, the first thing is like, 'am I in trouble?' No, no," Knaub said. "It's like I told one lady, she said, 'you're not hear to get me are you?' I said, 'no ma'am we're dropping off, we're not picking up today'."

And while getting food to seniors is the priority, there's much more to Meals on Wheels. It's also a chance to check in on them.

"We are calling all the ones we can't deliver to right now just to make sure they're okay," Haller said.

Knaub said it's the first time they've had to answer this call for help. "That's why most of us got on the reserve division of the sheriff's office, to help with the community."

The reserve deputies made 32 deliveries for Meals on Wheels.

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