Deputy, sergeant resign after sheriff questions delayed response to murder-suicde

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HARRISON (WJRT)- Two mid-Michigan deputies are out of a job over how they handled an emergency call.

Nicole Bartel died in a murder-suicide. Two Clare County Sheriff's Office officials made other stops before heading to the scene.

The incident happened in a home in Harrison in Clare County last month that turned into a murder-suicide.

It was back on Sunday morning August 25th when 911 got a call about a man shooting a woman inside this home.

The woman was 27 year old Nicole Bartel.

When that call came into Clare County Central Dispatch around seven that morning there were two police officers in Harrison.

"I had two deputies on that day," says Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.
"They were the first ones that would been able to get there," I asked.

"Yes they were the only ones that could have responded," he answered.

Those two Clare County Sheriif's Department employees, one a deputy and the other a sergeant resigned last week.

Wilson did not want to discuss the circumstances surrounding the resignations but does say he did have concern over how the two men responded to the emergency call.

"I didn't feel they responded in a timely manner to the type of incident they responded to..they should have responded a lot faster than what they did," he says.

ABC12 News has confirmed through sources close to the investigation the deputy and the sergeant both were made aware of the address of the home and that a shooting was reported there, but both went to different locations related to their jobs first before going to the house where the shooting had taken place.

The two employees did eventually make it to home. Investigators believe Nicole's husband, Frazer Bartel shot his wife and a short time later shot himself. Both were found dead several hours later as police treated it as an active shooter situation. Two adults and six children who were in the home at the time of the shooting were able to get out safely.

Wilson says Frazer Bartel had 3000 rounds of ammunition in the home.
He says his two now-former employees slow response to the shooting would not have changed the outcome of the tragedy.

"It didn't change anything that happened or happened afterwards. We didn't know that at the time but later on we knew that it didn't make any difference. There was no cause and effect that affected on how that was responded to other than they didn't respond in a timely fashion," Wilson says.

We could not reach the two men who resigned for comment.