Despite missing her high school graduation, a Powers senior still gets her final curtain call

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FLINT (WJRT) - (06/04/2019) - Meaghan Hartman, a senior at Powers Catholic High School, made the decision to miss her graduation ceremony so she could be a part of the final performance of “Voices from the School” show at Flint Community Players Theater.

And because of her commitment, they wanted to make sure she got a proper curtain call.

As the performance was finishing, Meaghan Hartman found herself behind the curtains checking her phone.

"I was mostly just sitting backstage looking at everybody else's graduation pictures and was like oh well no big deal," said Hartman.

She was missing her graduation ceremony at 2 p.m. to perform Sunday's show at 2:30 p.m.

And she didn't know there was a surprise waiting for her after.

“Then I come out on stage and I was really excited because we were going to give our director flowers,” said Hartman. “I was so excited for her because this has been such a great process for her and everything. And then everybody looked at me and I was like so nervous and scared almost."

Watching her daughter be presented with her cap, gown, and a diploma from Powers; her mother, Sarah wasn’t sure at first about her daughter’s decision to miss graduation.

"It took me a while as it does for moms but I knew how important it was for her," said Sarah Hartman.

She got together with Zach Wood, the Ghost Light series coordinator at FCP, to see if Meaghan could still get her diploma Sunday.

"We completely kept it from her, which was good for us not to tell her,” said Sarah Hartman. “And we'd just wait until she left and luckily she spent a lot of time at rehearsals."

Wood felt Meaghan deserved this for all the hard work she put in, both in school and the theater.

"She's always working hard; she's always trying to better herself,” said Wood. “She's not settling for 'oh okay I've got my lines down, this is where it's going to be."

For Meaghan, she was just blown away by the support.

"It's just such a great feeling to know that everyone around you loves you and cares about you and is that proud of you that they'll go behind your back just to surprise you and make your whole week,” said Hartman.

Meaghan will be heading to Kalamazoo College in the fall for pre-physical therapy and work toward a Ph.D. in physical therapy.

And she still plans on being involved in Community Theater.

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