Dispatcher offers tips for when drivers get in a crash

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (3/8/2018) - Shiawassee County 911 dispatchers are just one group who has been fielding calls all day.

They're usually asking how long it will take until a police officer can respond.

One Shiawassee County dispatcher said response times are going to vary depending on the number of calls and priority needs.

He said there are a few things people should know when calling 911 that will make both of your lives easier.

Shiawassee County dispatchers are the first responders to any emergency. They're the ones behind the scenes, fielding accident calls the moment snow hit the pavement.

“There have been a few slid offs and accidents due to the weather,” Shiawassee County Dispatch Supervisor Troy Gorden said.

Around two to three dispatchers are plugged into their phones waiting for the next emergency.

“Any high volume of traffic whether it's a fire or an accident that we tend to get overwhelmed briefly,” Gorden said.

He said callers can make the situation go a lot more smoothly by clarifying their location, giving a callback number in case the call gets disconnected and relaying information on any injuries.

“If it's an accident, we want to know if anyone is hurt. So we can send fire and rescue. If it is not an injury accident then will just send an officer for a report and also get a record going for them,” Gorden said.
“Once we have that information, we will get that assistance out to as soon as we can,”

He said compared to Wednesday the number of calls on Thursday was down.

“Today has been pretty uneventful. Probably thanks to the road commission doing a good job keeping the roads cleared,” Gorden said.

He said anyone involved in the emergency should do their best to explain the situation as calmly as possible and stay in their vehicles until help arrives.

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