Distracted driver gets warning, pays it forward with sobering message

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 6:12 PM EDT
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(7/12/2019) - Shiawassee County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Lawson and driver Becky Barror immediately embraced when they saw each other Friday.

It was just 24 hours after Deputy Lawson pulled Barror over for texting and driving.

"I was driving to Lansing to see my client and actually my phone went off and it was my client. So I picked it up, pushed it to read the text," she explained.

Lawson's lights went on and he started following her; but Barror didn't notice.

"The phone was up in her face, in her face area and with her speed that she was traveling - she was definitely, her eyes were not on the road," Deputy Lawson said.

"I like immediately felt shame," Barror added.

The two chatted for a moment. She said she gave him her license and registration.

Deputy Lawson went back to his patrol car to run her information; but, instead of returning with a ticket, he had three cards and a deal for Barror.

"I said this is the deal. I want you to take one card for yourself - for you and your family. Read it and obey it, stay alive," he explained. "And then, I want you to take the other two cards and I want you to give them to somebody else. And, you very well might save their lives."

She agreed and asked to take his photo to help share the card. It was full of myths and facts about distracted driving.

Barror posted the photo to Facebook Thursday night; and, she's reaching far more than just two people. The post has been shared nearly 2,000 times.

"Many of us do this, many of us who tell our kids not to, do it. And, I am vowing that I am not going to do it anymore," she said.

Lawson got emotional thanking Barror for sharing the lesson.

"You have saved somebody's life," he told her.

"I'm learning my lesson from a really lovely man who's giving me a chance," Barror said. "So, I would rather make an impact this way, than being a tragic story, based on my bad behavior."