Doctor warns latest teen 'condom challenge' can cause internal damage

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(WJRT) (4/3/2018) - The condom challenge has teenagers filming themselves snorting a condom through their nose until it comes out of their mouth.

"I just think no. I hope all mothers and fathers out there really pay attention to this because it really seems dangerous," said Mom Crystal Munerlyn of Flint.

"Crazy!" Flint Mom, Alma Reid added. "The things that teenagers come up with today is unbelievable."

The challenge has actually been around since 2007; but after the recent Tide Pod challenge, teenagers became interested again.

"It's been escalating now in terms of number of snorting and also adolescents being harmed by this," said Dr. Hernan Gomez.

He's a pediatrician and medical toxicologist at Hurley Medical Center.

Dr. Gomez warned the spermicide inside the condom being snorted is extremely dangerous.

"The spermicide, or chemical substance, gets left within; and, maybe, either ingested or swlallowed or aspirated into the lungs, killing cells and therefore causing damage," he explained.

As the teen challenges continue, Reid said the best way to deter your kid from joining in is to make sure they feel like they can talk to you.

"You can't do what Tom do, you can't do what Peter do, you gotta be your own, yourself, you gotta have your own identity. And that's what I try to teach my kids, you've got to have your own identity," Reid explained.

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