Dog found frozen to ground in Flint backyard with badly broken leg

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FLINT (WJRT) (1/2/2018) - A Genesee County animal rescue group is seeking help treating a Golden Retriever found frozen to the ground with a badly broken leg.

Streethearts Animal Rescue responded to a call on Dec. 29 from the Genesee County 911 Communications Center. Neighbors reported the dog had been hit by a vehicle and was lying in the backyard for 24 hours.

The group posted on that tracks in the snow show the dog hadn't moved.

When members of the rescue group went to move the dog, they found it was frozen to the ground. The snow underneath the male Golden Retriever had melted and created an ice barrier between him and the soil.

The dog, which the group named Feliz, was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital. Despite his time outside, the dog's internal temperature was OK, but X-rays showed he has a severe leg fracture.

Two veterinarians declined to treat the fracture due to its proximity to the dog's hip socket. Streethearts hopes to get an opinion from the Small Animal Clinic at the Michigan State University Veterinary School.

The rescue believes the surgery could cost up to $4,000.

The leg likely will be amputated if veterinarians are unable to perform the surgery on his fracture.

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