Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm arrive in Midland

MIDLAND (WJRT) (2/20/2019) - Five dogs have a new leash on life after traveling from South Korea to Midland.

The Humane Society International rescued these dogs from a South Korean farm. Some of them were part of the meat trade and would have been eaten if they hadn't been rescued.

The Humane Society of Midland County is hoping to send them home to loving families. The dogs arrived late Tuesday and the organization opened its doors Wednesday, allowing people to see them for the first time.

There are four females and one male. Some of them still need to be groomed, but during their international trip they've been checked by vets several times and have all their vaccinations.

People can see the dogs on Wednesday and possibly adopt one, but it will be a little while before any can go to their new homes. The humane society still has to spay and neuter them.

Humane Society Director Beth Wellman said she had some reservations about taking in the South Korean dogs at first, but after doing her research they decided to help.

"Humane Society International is trading, more or less, these people who have farms with these dogs, new skills, equipment, supplies, whatever it is to be profitable in a different sector away from animals. So we're not just saving the dogs, it is a complete process of stopping this. And it's one step at a time, but it is stopping the meat trade and puppy mill trade in South Korea," Wellman said.

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