Domestic violence survivor Leslie Steiner speaks at YWCA Circle Luncheon

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(GRAND BLANC) - (11/1/17) - Author and domestic violence survivor Leslie Steiner was this year's keynote speaker for the YWCA Circle Luncheon.

Steiner used her own personal story of survival to help inspire others.

"I met and fell in love with a man who was working for a wall street investment bank, who also had just graduated from an ivy league school," Steiner said.

That man eventually became Steiner's husband, but little did she know, that man was also a victim of child abuse.

"It actually just made me love him even more, that he survived such a terrible childhood," she said.

The Washington D.C. native says the abuse started just days before their wedding.

"He regularly beat me, held loaded guns to my head, pushed me down the stairs of my house, he poured coffee grounds on my head as I was getting ready for a job interview," she said.

Steiner's tipping point was when she was convinced her husband at the time was going to kill her.

"Just like most domestic violence, it got worse over time, the beatings got more serious and more frightening and more frequent," she said.

Steiner shared her story in front of dozens of both men and women Wednesday afternoon.
She says domestic violence does not discriminate.

"Domestic violence happens in every community, every race, every religion, every income and education level."

Steiner encourages those dealing with it to speak up and be their own advocates.

Steiner has written a book called 'Crazy Love' which details her inspiring story.

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