Donation helps Fenton Township fire department train in new ways

FENTON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (1/25/2018) - When they're not setting and putting out training fires at their own station, they're utilizing donated houses, which when they burn down, they cant be reused.

Now, a new training option is coming to the Fenton Township Fire Department.

"We had shipping containers donated to us and were going to take advantage of it and stack them up to make a training facility out of them," said Fire Chief Ryan Volz.

Although it won't be the first training facility of its kind in the state of Michigan, it will be first of its kind in the southern parts of Genesee County.

Volz said there are so many different training opportunities this storage container facility will present.

"They're like 9 feet by 6 tall, so we can stack them on top of each other and make them more like a two-story dwelling and give them that feel of stairwells going to the second floor, emergency egresses out of windows," he said.

The donation comes from manufacturing company TIDI in Fenton. According to Volz, a donation this size is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"We can light small fires in them, smoke them up. Give the guys and gals some heat and smoke and do some better training," Volz said.

According to the chief, the new facility should be ready to go by summer.

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