Don't shoot guns during school hours, Clio Area Schools asks neighbors

Clio Area Schools is asking neighbors not to shoot guns during the school day after a couple innocent incidents led to lockdowns and shelter in place orders.
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CLIO (WJRT) (9/16/2019) - The arrival of hunting season means a lot of hunters are target practicing and firing their guns to get ready.

Clio Area Schools says that innocent activity has led to lockdowns already this fall. Administrators are asking neighbors to avoid firing guns during school hours to avoid more lockdowns.

Twice in recent days, the district's schools have been locked down and shelter in place orders have been issued due to gunfire in the area. One was caused by target practicing and the other was a neighbor shooting an animal attacking his dog.

School administrators agree the neighbors did not break any laws. However, they pointed out that schools have to react swiftly and decisively to perceived threats, because student safety is the top priority.

"This not only interrupts the teaching process, but also creates anxiety for students, parents and staff," the district posted on Facebook.

Clio schools asked residents around its buildings to be "good neighbors" and avoid shooting for any reason during the school day.

"Again, we support gun owner rights," the district statement says. "We are just seeking your understanding and cooperation to limit any shooting near our schools to either before school, after school or weekends."