Dort Highway extension project on schedule for summer start

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (5/24/2019) - A decade of planning with come to fruition this summer, as construction begins the Dort Highway extension project in Grand Blanc Township.

Construction is set to begin on the long-awaited extension to Dort Highway in Grand Blanc Township.

Because its such a large project, multiple agencies will have to work together to make it happen.

Flashing neon signs can be seen on Dort Highway as the Michigan Department of Transportation prepares to repave Dort Highway from I-75 to Hill Road. Because of its location, there was some additional prep work that had to take place.

"The county road commission came to us and told us about this project they had, so working with them we determined what needs happen on our end," said Steve Katenhus, manager of MDOT's Davison Transportation Service Center.

As soon as the repaving is complete, the Genesee County Road Commission will start phase one of the long awaited Dort Highway extension.

The plan is to build a new road that would connect drivers from Baldwin Road to I-75 through a new route instead of pushing all traffic to the Holly Road interchange.

The new road will include three roundabouts at Baldwin Road, Cook Road and the I-75 interchange.

"Our project will include part of the interchange -- the end of their project," said Genesee County Road Commission engineer Eric Johnston.

After an environmental study, the road commission determined this was the best option to ease the influx of traffic they expect to have as Grand Blanc Township continues to grow.

While construction can't begin until MDOT completes the repaving, Johnston said they're right on schedule to start the extension this summer.

In addition to the roadway, in 2021 a recreational pathway will be added along the route. Grand Blanc Township also is planning infrastructure upgrades through the route.