Dow honors veterans, celebrates the 'science of speed' during 'victory lap' event

MIDLAND (WJRT) (6/7/2018) - Equipment makes all the difference whether racing down a luge track at the Olympics or around Michigan International Speedway in a NASCAR race car this weekend.

"We work on things like light-weighting. We work on the stability of the car. We work on engine performance to get more power out of the car," said Dow CEO-elect Jim Fitterling. "All these things can make a big difference on how the car performs on the track."

It's all about making the cars faster.

Those same types of advancements helped two Team USA members bring home Olympic medals in luge during the last two winter games. Dow helped them make parts of the sled out of different materials, among other functions.

They were part of Dow's "victory lap," celebrating the science of speed at Dow Diamond. Austin Dillon of Richard Childress Racing brought his No. 3 Dow-sponsored NASCAR car to the event, as well.

The car's paint scheme this weekend features the names of more than 1,300 veterans, including Dow workers and contractors, as well as their immediate family members who are serving.

Veterans from Richard Childress Racing and the USA Luge team were on hand with them. This year's Daytona 500 winner is proud to have some extra help in the driver's seat.

"The only reason I get to race on Sunday is because of those who have fought for this country," Dillon said. "All of our military men and women that are serving and that have served, and it's great to honor them. And they get to ride along with me this weekend, 200 miles-an-hour in Michigan, it's cool."

This is the fourth year that Dow has honored veterans with the "victory lap" event.