Drama at Flint City Council meeting ends with the removal of Councilman Mays by police

FLINT (WJRT)- (02/17/2020)- Another ugly display took place at Monday's Flint City Council meeting.

This was a special council meeting called by Mayor Sheldon Neeley, with the hope that Council could finally get through pressing City issues they were unable to get done during the last meeting

This one was heated right from the start, with bickering between council members.

In particular, Council President Monica Galloway and Councilman Eric Mays.

It finally came to a head during a discussion about the city's priorities,
and Councilman Mays attempts to address the needs of his Ward which he says are not being met.

It ended with the removal of Councilman Mays.

Afterwards, Mays met with the media.

"And I'm telling you, my constituents are being short-changed because of the discriminatory treatment, hostile work environment, " said Councilman Eric Mays.

Some residents say they are sick of it.

'If your colleagues get offended by your voice, tone, and you see they are offended by the way you are talking calm yourself down. Be more polite with the people, and the people will listen to you.
Because everybody out here knows that you know what's on the charter, the rules and regulations," said Chester Corbin, Flint resident in the 1st Ward.

One of the items on Monday's agenda, putting an ordinance in place for recreational marijuana facilities.

Council President Monica Galloway says they are moving forward and should have something in place in time for business owners to begin sales.

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