Dressing for the very cold weather

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Flint (WJRT) (1/4/18) It's been nearly two weeks since temperatures in mid-Michigan have been above freezing. And the windchills the past few days have been brutal.

We talked to people at the Flint Farmers Market about their strategies to stay warm.

"What I'm doing is wearing layer upon layer. I have long johns and john over that, jeans and a scarf, which I left in the car, unfortunately. Hat, gloves, I have hoodie," said Lee LaForest.

Rabbit skin, a nice convertible hat. You can do whatever you want to do with it, said John Knapp.

"Look at my extra special boots I have on. Got to have the clothes," said Kanyah Partee.

Veronika Voest is from southern Germany. She's not used to the windchill a Michigan winter can bring.

"Yeah, I'm freezing outside," she said.

The windchill is expected to be dangerously low for the next couple of days.

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