Drivers ignore barriers during deadly crash investigation on Dort Highway

GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (9/4/2019) - Traffic came to a standstill on Dort Highway following a deadly crash in Genesee Township on Wednesday morning.

The Mt. Morris City Fire Department blocked off Dort Highway after a deadly motorcycle crash, but some drivers still tried to get through. (Photo by Mt. Morris City Fire Department)

A motorcyclist died after police say a box truck turned into his path entering the Sunoco and McDonald's at Dort Highway and East Mt. Morris Road around 6 a.m.

But despite flares, cones and a fire truck blocking the road, some drivers still tried to find a way through. Mt. Morris City Fire Chief James Young said that put the drivers and first responders in jeopardy.

"It happens all the time. We're not usually on major roadways usually, but like today on Dort Highway it's a major issue because there's lots of traffic and lots of people that want to go wherever they're going," he said.

Young said if the road is closed, there's a good reason -- and drivers need to respect that.

"The main reason we're out there is not only for our safety, but for the police, the accident investigators, the medical examiners, tow trucks, EMTs," he said. "We're just trying to keep it as a safe and secure area for everyone to do work."

Young gets frustrated seeing a tragic accident happen, then drivers disregard safety measures set up to avoid another.

"We're trying to avoid having another accident or a first responder getting injured," he said. "That's our whole purpose, keeping everyone safe. They're busy doing what they're doing, investigating or controlling traffic as well. We don't want them blindsided and hit by a moving vehicle."

The drivers who got around the barriers on Dort Highway stopped before they caused another accident.