Drivers prepare for tough commute Friday, tow truck drivers ask drivers to move over to keep them safe

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (02/08/2018) - The further south you drive, the more flakes you'll see flying.

We spoke with drivers down in Holly Thursday night about their plans for Friday in anticipation of the next blast of snow.

The drivers we spoke with who commute say they plan to drive in to work tomorrow, no matter what Mother Nature delivers on Friday.

"Usually I leave at like ten after five," said Paula Lloyd, "I'm just going to leave a little early."

Lloyd, who works in the operating room, says showing up is not an option.

She's not alone.

"I'm going to get up early in the morning, go to Detroit, reload, back back home until Sunday night," said truck driver Terry Harper, who is based in Monroe.

"We still have to take care of our customers," he said.

When it comes to caring for yourself and others on the road, Harper, who drives an 18-wheeler offered some timely advice.

"Give 'em room," he said, "be very cautious, we cannot stop."

The predicted snowfall only complicates things for those whose work involves helping others, like wrecker operator Tristan Dilley.

"Move over and slow down," he said when we asked him what other drivers can do to allow him to perform his job safely.

Moving over to provide a full lane buffer between drivers and emergency vehicles, including tow trucks, is actually the law in Michigan.

"We just had a wrecker driver die up in Saginaw a couple of weeks ago, another accident in Detroit," said Dilley, "so it's a big issue."

41-year old Tom Tripp was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver while loading a car onto his flatbed alongside Dixie Highway near Zelle Drive in Bridgeport Township last month.

Erik Packard with Fenton Express Towing offered this urgent plea to drivers:

'If you see our lights on the side of the road please move over," he said, "it makes our lives a lot easier and safer for us."

"Make sure you're not texting and driving, and paying attention," he added, "please look out for us."

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