Drivers question lane closures during Saginaw repaving when no workers are there

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (6/14/2019) - Orange cones are constantly popping up as construction projects continue across Mid-Michigan.

Drivers are wondering why these lanes on M-58 in the Saginaw area are closed during the day while a repaving project is happening at night.

But drivers along M-58 in Saginaw and Saginaw Township are wondering why lanes are closed during the day when a repaving project is happening at night.

The closures along the busy commercial corridor are still causing back-ups and confusion for drivers during the day.

"We see anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 vehicles a day" along that stretch, said Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jocelyn Hall. "That is pretty significant traffic totals for a road that size."

The Michigan Department of Transportation started a repaving and upgrade project on two miles of the roadway in April. Most of the work is being done at night, but motorists have asked why are there lane closures when no one is working on the road during daylight hours.

"Anytime we have a lane closure in place, if you don't see workers present, there is always something that's occurring there," Hall said.

She said the road is being repaved at night with hot mix asphalt, which can be driven on as soon as it cools. But the entire road can't be done that way.

"Around the manhole covers along the roadway, we have concrete surrounding those instead of taking the (hot mix asphalt) pavement all the way to the manhole cover," Hall said. "Concrete requires a longer curing time, so that required some daytime lane closures."

Those lane closures have caused some confusion on where the center left turn lane is located.

"Temporary pavement markings are something that may have caught some drivers off guard a little bit," Hall said. "You do have to pay attention, pay attention to the color of those lane markings."

The good news for drivers: The work is almost done. She is hoping it all can be wrapped up by July 4.

"We will be doing some pavement markings as early as (Saturday) and we will come through and do some pavement markings next week," Hall said.