Reminders of how to drive in winter weather

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (12/7/2017) - Hundreds of cars and billions of snowflakes -- not always a great combination.

"People lose control and they panic. Once you panic and lose control, it's just gonna be a domino reaction," said Faye Dent, owner of On the Move Driving School.

She said confidence is key when tackling winter weather conditions on the road.

"We just tell 'em, you know, take a deep breath, remain calm," Dent said. "Just make sure that we take our time. Leave an hour early, if possible. That way you can take your time and drive slow."

Before hopping in the car, clean the snow and ice off of the windows, as well as from headlights and tail lights.

"Because if an individual can't see your vehicle, that leads to a collision, especially in the winter months," she said.

And, make sure you're always a safe distance away from other cars on the road. In the winter, Dent said you should be able to see underneath the car in front of you.

"As far as braking, I tell 'em don't brake hard, ease off their brake. And of course, they want to slow down. I would say a block and a half before they get to the car in front of them," she said.

And if you do lose control?

"Grip firmly on the steering wheel and just try to coast it into a direction where it's a clear path, like move to the right if you can and look for something soft to hit," she said.

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