DuPont continues to plant roots in Michigan

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (05/13/2019) - Just a few weeks away from its anticipated separation from DowDupont the new DuPont is committing to planting roots in Michigan, literally.

DuPont employs about 18-hundred people across six sites in the state.
In fact, Midland's site is the second largest they have in the world.
They want that to continue growing right here in Michigan.

"This is a really incredible opportunity to take a bunch of individuals even like myself, who's a Heritage Dow employee, and take a really awesome experience and a solid foundation which I learned and reposition it and establish a foundation at a new company called DuPont," said Tim Lacey, Vice President of Performance Building Solutions at DuPont.

To celebrate planting roots in Michigan, a tree-planting ceremony was held Monday in Midland.

"Today is really a celebration of a new beginning for roughly 1800 employees in the greater Michigan area to really establish new roots for a new company," said Lacey, "and really just celebrating about a new beginning and part of that is starting with the planting the roots as an essence of us having a really strong future as we grow."

DuPont also recently adopted a Midland parkland and walking path between Jefferson Street and Cinema Drive. Along with planting trees, they've installed benches and plan to put up signs to make it more visible to visitors.

Lacey plans on having employee volunteers participate in regular cleanups along the pathway.

"So what better way to celebrate than bringing employees out here, and you and others in the community to really help connect with us in the direction that we want to go," said Lacey.

To find out more about the new DuPont you can head to their website attached to this story.

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