Dutch mother unable to see daughter in Michigan following European travel ban

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 12:04 AM EDT
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(03/12/2020) - President Trump's 30-day European Travel Ban to the United States dropped like a hammer on Wednesday night.

The announcement left both Americans and Europeans with several questions.

One Michigan woman has immediate family living in the Netherlands, and she only sees them once or twice a year at most. Her mom made travel arrangements to see her in Florida at the end of March, but now, she's stuck not knowing when she'll see her mother next.

Manon Dean has lived in the United States since 2015, but her immediate family lives in the Netherlands. She talks to her mom every day but only gets to see her once or twice a year. At the end of March, they had a special trip planned for just the two of them.

"We planned on going to Disney. We already had our tickets for that. We were going to swim with manatees. Do the whole Florida experience. Spend a few days at the beach and just having those moments with her that throughout the year, I can't have," Dean said.

Now, those plans made a couple months ago, including airfare, hotels, and a rental car, will be put on hold for at least 30 days following a European Travel Ban to the U.S.

Dean watched the news anxiously on Wednesday night, hearing about the 26 countries impacted.

"I was hoping that it was just Italy or some of the other countries that have been affected very badly, and I never thought the Netherlands would also be on that list," Dean said.

She had to relay that message to her mother who was six hours ahead and fast asleep.

"I hated it. It's not nice waking up to these kinds of messages that your trip is canceled basically," Dean said.

Dean says even though she's let down that she won't be going to Florida with her mom, and she doesn't know when she'll see her again, she knows there's worse going on in the world.

"There's more important stuff. Even though you might lose some money on a trip, so be it. The world's health is more important at this point."

Many companies are flexible with travel plans. Dean says her mom reached out to the international airline, who are offering a schedule change or a voucher. The hotel has also offered cancellation.