Poll: President Trump behind in Michigan against top 4 Democrats

LANSING (WJRT) (08/28/19) - President Trump would face close races in Michigan with three Democrats running against him next year, according to new poll results.

A fourth race isn't as close.

EPIC-MRA asked 600 likely voters in Michigan who they would support in the 2020 presidential race. Trump is behind in head-to-head races with all four top Democrats:

-- Losing by 10 percentage points to former Vice President Joe Biden.
-- Losing by 6 percentage points to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
-- Losing by 4 percentage points to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
-- Losing by 3 percentage points to California Sen. Kamala Harris.

The margin of error for the poll was 4 percent, so the races against Sanders and Harris are statistical dead heats.

Bernie Porn of EPIC-MRA said undecided voters believe Biden can beat Trump in 2020, so they are supporting him now.

"That's a big factor in why they're choosing who they're choosing," Porn said. "They're also looking at a moderate approach and all the polling shows that is what people gravitate toward."

Biden has been saying publicly that the economy is getting worse while also portraying a likeable personality on the campaign trail, which seems to be resonating with voters, Porn said.

"Joe Biden is running stronger nationally in the primary voting, but also if you look at the favorability rating for all of the four candidates that we tested, Trump is under water seriously. But Biden has the highest favorability rating of anyone we tested," Porn said.

He believes the other top Democrats are not drawing in undecided voters as much as Biden. However, Porn believes Democrats are very intent on voting for all four of those candidates.

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