November means retailers are gearing up for Black Friday

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (11/03/17) - With Halloween behind us, the holiday shopping season is approaching fast.

In fact, many retailers aren't even waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to launch Black Friday sales and ads.

The day after Thanksgiving was once the official start of the holiday shopping season and Black Friday.

But, with competition from both online and brick and mortar stores becoming more fierce, some retailers are already enticing buyers with teaser offers and early deals, well ahead of the traditional start to Christmas shopping.

"Halloween's just over and we're seeing all the Christmas stuff already, and if you don't get out and buy it, you know, you're going to miss out on the stuff, because everybody else buys the stuff you're looking for," said Randall Porter of Lapeer.

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales could increase up to 4 percent from last year's levels to around $680 billion.

So, is this retail strategy working to coax consumers to shop even earlier than normal?

"I don't mind it, if I can save some money, celebrate Black Friday month. It's just more reason to start shopping a little bit earlier," said
Ortonville resident Michelle Sims.

"It's a little too early. It doesn't get me in the holiday mood at all. I don't think it helps, I think it more, it does the opposite," Columbiaville resident Jerome Kossak added.

Whether online or in brick and mortar stores, retailers recognize how important end of year sales are and are responding to their customers.

"Call it the holiday creep a little bit, but, you know, ultimately, the guests, this is what they want," said Menards General Manager Andrew Chostner. "After Halloween, they're ready for Christmas and want to get the decorations out and they want to, you know make their houses look fantastic."

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