Therapist talks coping mechanisms for kids in wake of Manchester attack

Published: May. 24, 2017 at 1:23 PM EDT
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(5/24/17) - In the wake of the deadly terror attack in Manchester earlier this week, many parents might be wondering how to talk with their kids about what happened.

Dr. Recco Richardson, a clinical therapist says parents especially need to be on guard and receptive to their child's feelings.

"Create an environment where they feel safe to talk about their fears, their struggles, their concerns, and that comes through relationship with parents and caring adults and that comes through spending time with them having a free atmosphere and a free environment where kids can be themselves and bring up the things that's important to them," Richardson said.

He also says it's important for parents to reiterate to children that not all people in the world are bad.

And as for attending a concert or even any sort of big event in the future, he says both parents and kids should be mindful of their surroundings.

That means listening to what's happening around you, seeing what's happening around you and to have an escape plan.

"We call it incidental learning when we're working with children- that you're learning something but not intending to learn something, but you can pull that information in the future to make a better decision," he said.

And as to whether or not parents should let their kids watch the news - he encourages parents and children to watch together while having an open dialogue of what is going on.