Effort to arm Genesee County animal control officers stalls

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (6/5/2019) - An effort to arm Genesee County Animal Control officers stalled during a board meeting Wednesday and was sent back to the table for more discussion prior to a final vote.

The change is being considered for the safety of the officers, who often feel threatened on the job by dangerous animals and angry pet owners.

Genesee County wouldn't be the first in Mid-Michigan to arm its animal control officers. Their counterparts in Saginaw County have been armed for more than two years.

Genesee County commissioners say they just want to be sure the move makes sense before moving forward.

"The resolution was sent to a subcommittee so that we can actually explore all the details," said 9th District Genesee County Comissioner David Martin. "You know what kind of protections they need, what type of training is going to be required."

Using deadly force would remain a last resort for Genesee County animal control officers. Funding is already in place should the change be approved.