Efforts to recall Flint Mayor Karen Weaver are proceeding

Published: Jul. 7, 2017 at 6:34 PM EDT
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(7/7/17) The effort to remove Flint Mayor Karen Weaver from office took a big step forward today. The Genesee County Clerk says it appears likely there will be a recall vote in November.

On June 30, Arthur Woodson submitted nearly 89-hundred petition signatures to recall Mayor Weaver. County Clerk John Gleason's staff screened the petitions and found some obvious bogus signatures but not enough to stop the effort.

'Believe it or not we had some that were out of county. We had many that were out of the city. We multiple signatures with the same handwriting," said Gleason.

Some were tossed because the collector did not complete the form as required. Nearly 8,200 signatures survived the screening process. Just under 5,800 are needed for the issue to move forward to the November 7 election.

The entire bundle has now been turned over the Flint city clerk Inez Brown, who will compare the names on the petitions to those on the registered voter files. She has until July 24 to validate the signatures.

Mayor Weaver's office has a right to challenge signatures and all the work must be completed by August 4.

The law covering recall elections in the state changed in 2012. If there is a special election in November, we could see a mayoral race this fall with a number of people announcing their candidacy.

"If this comes to fruition she is a candidate. It's not an up or down vote against the mayor in November. She will actually have an election. A candidate or multiple candidates will run against Mayor Weaver in November. The law has changed. It's not an in or out vote anymore," said Gleason.

Woodson says he's glad to hear the effort to remove Weaver from office is moving forward.

Mayor Weaver says she will continue to do the job she was elected to do.