Eligibility issues boot Mott Community College basketball team out of tournament

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FLINT (WJRT) (3/5/2018) - An audit by the National Junior College Athletic Association uncovered rules violations with Mott Community College's men's basketball team, making it ineligible for postseason tournaments.

College officials say the violations boil down to paperwork snafus.

The men's basketball team will be forced to forfeit three wins from this season in which a player deemed ineligible played and could be forced to forfeit more if the college loses an appeal about a transfer athlete.

The NJCAA's findings with the men's basketball program include:
-- A student wasn't enrolled in enough credits to be eligible for athletics.
-- Paperwork wasn't properly filed for a player who intended to transfer to another school.
-- Letters of intent for some players were not handled properly.

“I am terribly disappointed and troubled by this entire situation,” said Coach Steve Schmidt. “Our program and athletes are being penalized for actions that they had no control over. They’ve done nothing wrong. They have persevered through adversity and represented this college with dignity and the hearts of champions. I’m proud of them.”

The violations announced Monday are the first during Schmidt's 27 years as coach.

The women's basketball team at Mott also was penalized with the loss of two scholarships due to an issue discovered with a player's letter of intent. The team will have 13 scholarships to pass out next season instead of 15.

The violation doesn't affect the women's team's eligibility for the postseason. The Lady Bears will play at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Wayne County Community College District at the Northwest Activity Center in Detroit.

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